11 Lessons to Learn from Itachi

Itachi s a popular character from the show Naruto, and he is known for his intelligence, power, and calm demeanor. Many people look up to Itachi as a hero, and for good reason. Despite being villainized early on in the series, Itachi has become one of the most beloved characters due to his complex personality and tragic story.

He was an incredibly powerful ninja, and he did everything in his power to protect his village and its inhabitants. Even after death, he still continues to teach us valuable lessons.

In fact, he’s got so much wisdom to share that we decided to compile a list of 10 lessons we can learn from him! Keep in mind that these lessons are just general concepts; you can always find specific applications for them in your own life.

1. You should always try to find solutions without violence

Itachi’s village was controlled by an oppressive and violent force, and he did his best to avoid conflict and protect people. He didn’t want it to be a fight but knew that the only way to win peacefully as if he possessed more power than everyone else.

Itachi tried to fight his brother in a place where everyone was sleeping so that he wouldn’t have to kill innocent people. Even when Sasuke attacked him, he tried to disarm and disable him instead of killing him.

When Itachi had no choice but to kill everyone in the Uchiha clan, he did so with great regret. The point is that Itachi always looked for the most peaceful solution, even if it meant he had to fight.

It’s not just about finding an alternative to violence; it’s about wanting to avoid conflict as much as possible. If you can solve your problems without using force, then you should do so!

2. Your siblings are some of your greatest teachers

They can push you to be better or hold you back. Even though Sasuke was his enemy, Itachi still wanted to help him.

Specifically, “I want to make you stronger!”

Itachi never stopped believing in Sasuke’s potential to become much more than he could ever be. Of course, this didn’t happen until famous for his ability to kill opponents without lifting a finger. He only fought when he absolutely had to, and even then it was rare that he actually struck the final blow (he usually let his enemies defeat themselves).

Although this can seem like an impractical strategy, there are many situations where this is very applicable. When youmuch later… But when it did happen, they were able to reconcile.

In this scene from Naruto, Itachi faces off against his best friend, Sasuke. This is a fight to the death, and both men are using their most powerful attacks as they try to kill each other. He turns to Sasuke and explains that he should try to find a solution without violence whenever possible.

3. You have a duty to your family to use your power for good.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Brother,” Itachi said softly as he began his attack. “But this is what I must do…”

In the beginning of Naruto, it seems that the Uchiha clan always has a feud going on with somebody – either other ninja clans or the members of the criminal organization Akatsuki.

This is all true, but also not quite accurate. We learn later on that Itachi’s family was actually slaughtered by some members of the Akatsuki (and some ninja from Konoha).

It wasn’t his choice to kill them, but he took advantage of his power to protect his village and his loved ones.

4. You should always be truthful with your friends and family, even if it’s difficult

Itachi never told Sasuke the truth about his past or what happened to their parents until he felt that Sasuke was ready.

Even though Itachi did this for selfish reasons (keeping the secret protected him from being targeted by Akatsuki), he still did it because he loved his brother.

5. Never give up on a family member, no matter what they’ve done

Itachi did not want to kill his brother, but when Sasuke began working for the enemy, Itachi couldn’t allow him to stay in Konoha.

Even though Itachi knew that Sasuke would try to kill him, he still went to meet with Sasuke to talk.

Not only did Itachi want to make sure Sasuke felt comfortable turning himself in, but he also wanted to apologize for failing as a role model and brother.

6. Having power does not make you the best leader

Although Itachi was the strongest ninja in the world at the time, he wasn’t the best at leading his village and friends.

He believed that whoever had the most knowledge and experience should be in this position, not just those who were naturally talented at something.

7. You should try to see things from other people’s points of view

Before Itachi killed everyone in his clan, he went to meet with each person.

He asked his friend Shisui for help, but Shisui could not disobey the Hokage’s orders and so he refused.

Itachi understood why Shisui couldn’t go against him, even though it would’ve been best for Itachi (and probably everyone else) if he had listened to his friend.

8. You can learn a lot from observing others and gathering information

When Itachi started planning to destroy his clan, he spent years researching the best way to do it without anyone suspecting him as the culprit.

He knew that if he engaged them in battle, someone would survive and then be able to fight back (and most likely defeat him).

By planning out every detail before acting, Itachi was able to make sure that he would be the only survivor.

9. There’s a big difference between being merciful and being weak

Many of the fights in Naruto show one person defeating another with a single blow after they’ve been weakened.

Itachi didn’t do this to his family members. He killed them because he knew they would keep fighting until their last breath…

…But he also did it in one blow, sparing them the pain of a long battle.

10. It’s better to let someone go than to try and force them to stay with you

Itachi could’ve easily continued to follow Sasuke and tried to convince him until the day they died.

…But this would’ve also meant giving up his own happiness if Sasuke gave up on revenge.

Itachi knew Sasuke had to be the one to choose what he wanted, so Itachi let him go despite how much it hurt.

11. When you think you’re right, you shouldn’t let anyone change your mind

Itachi didn’t care if Sasuke became the enemy; he knew he had to kill him.

As long as Itachi was sure of what he wanted to do, no one would be able to stop him (in his own opinion).


While Itachi wasn’t a hero in the traditional sense, he was still one of the best characters in Naruto. Although his actions were sometimes cruel and selfish, they were always done with good intentions that benefited everyone in the end.

In fact, many people believe his legacy helped save Konoha from being destroyed after Pain’s attack because Sasuke chose to let the village live. Although Itachi is dead, he will always be remembered as a great ninja who used his power for good.

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