How Old is Kakashi Hatake?

Kakashi Hatake is the leader of team 7, a group consisting of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. He is the current leader of team 7 because he was the previous teacher of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno before Kakashi Hatake was promoted to become the leader of team 7.

How Old is Kakashi Hatake?

He is known as Kakashi, Copy Ninja which means that he can copy moves very fast and also know many jutsu’s.

Kakashi Hatake is a Jonin so this proves that he is probably an adult. But how old is Kakashi?      

I think Kakashi is around 30 years old which means he was a Genin when he created team 7. This means that Kakashi was an adult when he created Team 7 and is most likely an adult when he becomes the teacher of Team 7.

Then Kakashi became a Jonin which means that he was probably 30 years old or older when he became a Jonin.  

 Kakashi Hatake uses a Sharingan which made him one of the strongest ninjas in the leaf village. This also means that he has good vision and seeing as how being blind is not going to be an advantage on a ninja, this might help him a lot with his vision.

What other type of jutsu can Kakashi use?

Kakashi has been seen using many different types of Jutsu like Chidori, kunai knives, shuriken throwing stars, summoning creatures, substitution techniques, and others. This also means that it will be hard for someone to find out about his abilities because Kakashi can also use jutsu’s that aren’t really well-known.

Is Kakashi evil?

I don’t think that Kakashi Hatake is evil but he does have a dark past which would make anybody have an evil side in their brain.

This also means that if you are friends with someone who has killed many people then this person might not be the best friend to talk to when you are in trouble because they might go behind your back and kill somebody else if it means they will declare war.

What does Kakashi look like in his younger years?

Kakashi looks exactly the same when he was young but he might have had longer hair, no silver hair, and probably looked more innocent when he was a child.

It also means that he probably had a very positive life when he was young and didn’t have to go through many struggles which is why I think that he doesn’t want Naruto Uzumaki or Sasuke Uchiha to go through the same struggles as him because this might just ruin their lives completely if they don’t meet somebody who can teach them how to control their power.

Who taught Kakashi ninjutsu?

Kakashi Hatake didn’t really need anybody to teach him how to use his chakra because he could do it all by himself without any help from anybody else.

This also means that most of the time, people who are born with special powers need somebody else’s help in order for them to learn how to control their power and the best way to do it.

What is Kakashi’s greatest strength?

Kakashi Hatake’s greatest strength is his Sharingan which means that he knows a lot of types of Jutsu because if people know your weaknesses then they can use those against you and try and defeat you as quickly as possible so the only way to get around this is to know all of their jutsu’s.

Who is better Naruto or Kakashi?

I don’t think that Naruto Uzumaki is better than Kakashi Hatake because he has the Sharingan which means that when Naruto uses his Rasengan against him, Kakashi might copy this Jutsu and use it back at him.

This also means that when you are battling against Kakashi Hatake you have to make sure you are very careful about what you do because if he knows one of your moves then there’s a high chance that he will know all three of them because I’m pretty sure that Kakashi can memorize which attack each team member does.

Why Kakashi Wears Mask?

Kakashi Hatake wears a mask because if he didn’t wear a mask then other people can copy his Jutsu easier and use them back at him.

This means that when you are fighting against Kakashi Hatake you have to be very careful about what techniques you use, because if he knows one of your moves then there’s a high chance that you’re going to lose the battle.

Where is Kakashi from?

We don’t know where Kakashi Hatake is from but we do know that he was a member of Team Minato and Obito which means that he was probably born in Konoha village.

Is Kakashi married?

Kakashi isn’t married because if his wife passed away, it would harm him a great deal.

What is Kakashi’s hobby?

Kakashi Hatake’s hobby is reading which means that he probably does it a lot to help get information about things so this might help him with his Sharingan because if he reads a lot then he can use techniques easier and faster.

How many sensei’s has Kakashi had?

Kakashi Hatake has only one sensei which is Minato Namikaze who we don’t know for sure that he died in the 4th ninja war and we don’t even know if Kakashi survived in the 4th ninja war or not.

What is Kakashi’s dream?

Kakashi’s dream is to join the Akatsuki but his sensei Minato Namikaze taught him that he shouldn’t let anyone know what his dreams are.

Who was Kakashi fighting with when he became a Jonin?

Kakashi Hatake became a Jonin after fighting with Obito Uchiha who died because he was crushed by a rock.

Kakashi is so popular because he uses his Sharingan and he looks really good when you see him fighting in the anime Naruto Shippuden.

Is Kakashi handsome?

I think Kakashi Hatake is handsome because he has silver hair, blue eyes, and pointy eyebrows which makes him look very calm and mysterious. He also wears a mask most of the time making it harder for people to find out what type of face he has.

Does Kakashi’s sharingan ever get annoying?

I don’t think that Kakashi Hatake’s Sharingan gets annoying but I think that it might be annoying if someone how to use this technique against him in a battle.

How many times has Kakashi died?

Kakashi Hatake has died twice which were when he was fighting with Obito Uchiha and the other time when he was fighting against Sasuke. I think that Kakashi is very lucky because he lived after two battles like these.

What do you think Kakashi’s favorite food is?

I think Kakashi Hatake’s favorite food is curry because he has been seen eating this a lot of times in the anime Naruto Shippuden.

What do you think Kakashi likes more?

Kakashi Hatake probably likes the Sharingan more than anything else which is why I think that his Sharingan is very special to him and he doesn’t like it when people try and take this power away from him because if someone did do that, then Kakashi wouldn’t have his Sharingan anymore and he would probably feel very upset.

What is Kakashi’s hobby?

Kakashi Hatake has a hobby of reading so he can learn more about the ninja world and the different abilities that it has. This means that reading might help him with his Sharingan because if he reads then he can use the information to create the Jutsu himself.

What is Kakashi’s favorite color?

I don’t know what color Kakashi Hatake likes to wear or what color he likes to paint his room but I’m pretty sure that it would be blue because this is the same color as his Sharingan and his name means ‘scarecrow’ which means that probably the countryside in where he lives might be filled with lots of scarecrows.

What is Kakashi’s favorite type of animal?

Kakashi Hatake likes animals more than humans because he has a very gentle nature and he doesn’t like it when people are mean to animals or hurt them because Kakashi likes the type of person who is kind and caring.

His favorite type of animal probably has to be a dog because I know that he likes the animal who is always loyal.

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